chemical laboratory analysis of honey

The BeeNectar chemical laboratory

Chemical laboratory analysis of honey

BeeNectar provides the following main categories of chemical analysis:
  1. Glucose and fructose analysis: determining these sugars is very important as it certifies both the type of honey (honeydew) and the non-adulteration of it.
  2. Saccharose (sucrose) concentration measurement: depending on the type of honey, there are permissible limits of glucose, fructose and sucrose in honey.
  3. PH measurement
  4. Conductivity measurement: the value of electrical conductivity separates honeydew honey from flower honey.
  5. Moisture measurement: there are permissible limits of moisture in honey that if exceeded, fermentation may cause the honey to sour or crystallize more quickly.
  6. Acidity measurement
  7. Chemical determination of Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and diastatic activity: determining the diastatic activity and HMF are decisive criteria for the quality of honey because they indicate:
    • Aging of honey
    • Potential heating
    • Poor storage
    • Confectionary or industrial honey
  8. Gyroscopic analysis of honey